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28/8 - Adjustments to the Victorian Government's Solar Homes Program

Richard Martin - Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Solar Victoria have today announced adjustments to the Victorian Government's Solar Homes Program, after several protests from industry raising their concerns about the impacts the Program was having on their businesses.

An additional 23,000 solar PV rebates have been made available this financial year, now with two separate releases/allocations each month.

In September, 6,500 rebates will first be released on September 2, followed by an additional 3,250 rebates the following fortnight, totalling to 9,750 rebates across the month.

In October, 6,500 rebates will be released across the month in two stages.

There has been no change to the value of the rebate, capped at $2,225.

The image below illustrates the new monthly allocation to June 2020.

See the full announcement on Solar Victoria's website.