2016 Projects


Cairnlea Town Centre – 50 kWp DC Optimised Solar Power Plant

Working with our embedded network partner - Urbis Electrical, a 50 kWp solar power plant was installed for the Cairnlea Town Centre, hosting Coles Supermarket, Australia Post and 30 other local businesses. The system is initially aimed at offsetting common area electricity, with the net benefit allowing the property owner to better leverage their embedded network investment  while also offering their tenants a lower rate for common area electricity. 

Location: Cairnlea, VIC

System Size: 50 kWp

Roof Fixing Method: Non-penetrative Kliplok mounting, tilt mounted true north

Technology: Trina Smart Modules (DC Optimised)/ABB TRIO Inverters/Individual Module & Inverter Monitoring Platform

Anual Energy Production: 79.2 MWh

Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 74 Metric Tonnes of CO2

Kathmandu Outdoor Clothing - 100 kWp Solar Power Plant

Kathmandu are a leading retailer of clothing and equipment for travel and adventure in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. The team at Kathmandu have a firm corporate social responsibility strategy, holding environmental action as one of their core values. 

When construction started on their new Melbourne Distribution Centre energy efficiency and renewable generation were a key component. The AEES Group in conjunction with their builder Qanstruct tailored an innovative smart module solution utilising the very best technology with Trina's latest 'Smart' module chosen in conjunction with ABB inverters. With only two weeks designated in the construction process to deliver the project our team meticulously planned out the installation and procurement time-frames to ensure budget and construction targets were met.  


Location: Truganina, VIC
System Size: 100.0 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Tilt mounted, true north
Technology: Trina Smart Modules / ABB TRIO Inverters / Individual Module & Inverter Monitoring Platform 
Annual Energy Production: 213.12 MWh 
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 140 Metric Tonnes of CO2

Old Oak Orchard - 100 kWp Solar Power Plant

Old Oak Orchards is a premium apple, cherry and berry grower supplying produce to Melbourne's top-end independent retailers and restaurants. The owners Andrew & Gavin Corbett have three separate farms over 70 Hectares located in the beautiful Yarra Valley region of Victoria. 

Andrew & Gavin trusted in AEES Group to supply, install and commission the largest system ever adopted in the region. The system is utilising the latest technology available on the market with Trina 'Smart Modules' allowing individual module and inverter monitoring and increased system yield. AEES Group were able to successfully negotiate the system through with the local Network Distributor via the installation of a new protection relay board, the first of it's kind installed in the area. Due to this the project was delivered on time and within budget. 


Location: Seville, VIC
System Size: 100.0 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Tilt mounted, true north
Technology: Trina Smart Modules / ABB TRIO Inverters / Individual Module & Inverter Monitoring Platform 
Annual Energy Production: 212.12 MWh 
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 139 Metric Tonnes of CO2

Australian Consolidated Dairies - 120 kWp Solar Power Plant

Australian Consolidated Milk (ACM) is Australia’s fastest growing dairy company and is proudly Australian owned. They collect and process milk from their suppliers and then deliver the highest quality dairy products directly to end-customers in the domestic and export markets.

The team at ACM have a firm strategy to keep their overheads low so that they can best support their valued suppliers. Demonstrating their ability to innovate, they trusted in AEES Group to deliver a large scale solar pilot at one of their personally owned Dairies near Shepparton.The AEES Group were provided the ability to implement the latest in solar technology, utilising DC optimised 'Smart' Modules to increase overall system yield. After the first quarter the system has delivered savings in excess of AEES Group predictions, with solar now becoming a key component of their cost-reduction strategy throughout their property network.  

Location: Wyuna, VIC
System Size: 120.0 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Roof mounted, true north
Technology: 480 x 250w Poly Crystalline - Jinko Smart Modules / 4 x ABB TRIO 30 kW Inverters / Tigo Energy Management Unit with gateways for maintenance and monitoring.
Annual Energy Production: 156.68 MWh 
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 178.3 Metric Tonnes of CO2


St Joseph's College - 60 kWp Solar Power Plant

St Joseph’s College has a proud and rich history in the Sunraysia area of north-western Victoria. Commencing in 1906, the Sisters of Mercy have provided continuous commitment to education in the region for over 100 years.After recently acquiring a multi-million dollar basketball stadium the College wanted to make it the show piece of their property network. As part of this and their firm sustainability strategy they took the opportunity to install a 60 kW solar system.

The AEES Group were appointed as the preferred supplier by St. Josephs, the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat and the Sisters of Mercy in Melbourne after clearly demonstrating our professional approach throughout the selection process. All parties trusted in AEES Group to deliver an aesthetically pleasing solar show piece to complement their new stadium. 


Location: Mildura, VIC
System Size: 60.0 kWp 
Roof Fixing Method: 4 rows of panels flat and 6 rows on west facing tilts to maximise production during the school day
Products: 240 x 250w Suntech Polycrystaline Solar Modules / 3 x ABB Aurora Trio inverters / ABB Solar Monitoring Tool for maintenance and monitoring.
Annual Energy Production: 96.1 MWh approximately
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 83.82 Tonnes CO2

Fingers Apple Orchard

The Fingers Apple Orchard is a well-established family run business located in the beautiful Yarra Valley region of Victoria. Run by ex Victorian Farmers Federation president Sue Finger and her husband David the orchard is renowned for its quality produce, with the personal favourite of the AEES Group being David's specially grown Jazz Apple.  

David & Sue took the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by installing a 40kW solar system. The system is forecast to generate 61% of their daylight electricity requirements throughout the orchard with their first electricity bill delivering net savings after their loan re-payment. 


Location: Launching Place, VIC
System Size: 40.0 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Tilt-frame mounted at 35 degrees
Products: 160 x 250w Suntech Polycrystaline Modules /
3 x SMA Sunny Tri Power Inverters / SMA Web-box with Bluetooth for maintenance and monitoring.
Annual Energy Production: .46.2 MWh approximately
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction:  40.19 Metric Tonnes of CO2 

St Joseph's Primary

St Joseph's Primary School, also in the Sunraysia region of North-West Victoria, took the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to teaching sustainability principles by adopting a 20 kW solar system. 

The business case was prepared in consultation with the Catholic Education Office Ballarat (CEOB) using AEES’s Group Cost-Benefit Audit Tool (CBAT). AEES identified that a 20kW Solar PV system would deliver the greatest return on investment and 10 year electricity savings.The installed solar system has so far delivered a $472 credit to their first electricity bill. Additional benefits have been accrued through student learning projects as well as a reduction in the school’s carbon footprint.

Location: Red Cliffs, VIC
System Size: 20.0 kWp 
Roof Fixing Method: Panels roof mounted on North-West Orientation at 35 degrees to maximise school hour production
Products: 80 x 250w Suntech Polycrystaline Solar Modules / 2 x SMA TriPower Inverters /  SMA webbox with bluetooth for maintenance and monitoring.
Annual Energy Production: 27.7 MWh approximately
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 25.56 Tonnes CO2

Advanced Cabinetry

Advanced Cabinetry designs, manufactures and installs a range of high-end kitchen and household cabinetry in Ballarat Victoria. 

After a discussion with Advanced Cabinetry about their concerns regarding escalating energy costs, AEES Group ran through a customised cost benefit audit to explain the significant business savings as a result of deploying a 30 kW solar system. After receiving quotes from other providers, Advanced Cabinetry decided to proceed with the AEES Group recommendations, based on the quality of the equipment and advice received. The end result was the installation of a 30 Kw solar system with estimated first year savings of $11,567 per annum.


Location: Ballarat
System Size: 30.0 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Tilt mounted 30 degree pitch true north
Products: 120 x 250w Suntech Polycrystalline Solar Modules / 2 x SolarMax MT-15kW inverters
Annual Energy Production: 42.4MWh approximately
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 39.42 Tonnes CO2

Atlanta Fruit Sales

Atlanta Fruit Sales prides itself on the freshness and quality of its produce. All apples are grown locally at its orchard on the Mornington Peninsula, and it is the only Market supplier of the two latest varieties – Green Star and Kanzi. Atlanta also specialises in avocados and stocks a complementary vegetable range to its vast fruit offerings. .

Location: Morroduc
System Size: 80 kWp

Intec Mildura


Int Tec Mildura is a progressive IT firm and has been involved in major IT projects across Victoria and is attracting customers from around the state and Australia wide since 1999. The business focus of Int Tec Mildura is the provision of quality, specialist technical support.

Matthew's and Associates Pty Ltd

Matthews & Associates Pty Ltd (MAA) are specialist education consultants, who provide accredited training and assessment to individuals and employees of companies.

Northern Territory - 100 kW Solar Plant

After a competitive commercial process AEES Group was appointed to supply, install and commission a 100 kW solar plant at the remote farm in the Northern Territory. In the installation both Power Factor Correction and Zero Export Control measures were mandated by the Network Distributor, putting in place a first ever trial on the Northern Territory Network.


Location: Northern Territory
System Size: 100.0 kWp
Roof Fixing Method: Roof mounted, true north
Technology: 384 x 260w Poly Crystalline - Trina Modules / 3 x ABB Trio-27.6 kW Inverters / ABB 3G Enabled Monitoring Platform 
Annual Energy Production: 219.12 MWh 
Annual Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: 151 Metric Tonnes of CO


Priest Bros. Orchards Pty Ltd

Priest Bros Orchards. Pty Ltd is a fruit and tree nut farm which has been around for 19 years longer than the typical organisation in Australia, and 17 years longer than the average fruit and tree nut farm.25kW solar PV system installed and specifications included 120 x 250w Canadian solar panels, 3 x kw Aurora inverters.'


Rusbro Holdings Pty Ltd

Rusbro Holdings Pty. Ltd. is a deciduous tree fruit farm in Officer. 

St Mary's Robinvale

St Mary’s School offers a unique educational experience in that it caters for students from Prep to Year 8. St Mary’s School is a Catholic Educational Community where knowledge, enlightened and enlivened by faith, is shared by teachers, students and parents in the spirit of freedom and love.

Staples Apples and Cherry Orchard

A modern orchard pleasantly located in Main Ridge,specialising in a new and old mix of varieties of quality apples and cherries. Staples Apples and Cherry Orchard was very keen to find renewable energy solutions that would help to develop a good, reliable return on its investment. For the client, the ability to diversify into other areas and find alternative ways of generating income was of particular importance. There was a need to offset the risks associated with their core business and find ways to create more certainty for the future.